Cube, CubePro & ProJet 3D Printers; plus Sense 3D Scanner

QB3D & CDG for the very latest personal and business 3D Printers and 3D Scanners including the new Cube3, CubePro and ProJet 1200.

CubePro 3D Printer offers a choice of 2 or 3 printheads for multi-colour, multi-material printing, 70 micron resolution and large parts up to 240mm cubed. The CubePro is an instantly productive design and engineering business tool with a very fast return on investment profile. Choose either the CubePro-Duo or CubePro-Trio. *** NOW with Nylon material and Infinity soluble supports ***

Cube3 3D Printer is a dual printhead solution with a 152mm cubed build volume and 70 micron layers. In terms of reliability, ease of use, styling and price, the Cube3 is ideal for creating 3D parts in any home or business. Choose the Cube3 in White or Black (Charcoal Grey).

ProJet 1200 3D Printer creates high resolution parts in ultra thin layers. The printer is ideal for small components with fine detail, jewellery or dental applications.

Sense 3D Scanner has the most diverse scan range in its class, with auto-optimized settings for small objects to people and scenes as large as 3 metres tall and wide.

Cube, CubePro & ProJet 1200 3D Printers & Sense 3D Scanners are all available from the Cubify UK main dealer CDG: supplier of equipment, consumables and support with over 12 years of experience. Cubify, Cube, CubePro & ProJet are registered trademarks of 3D Systems Corporation for which CDG are authorised resellers.


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